Big Kids - 7 weeks

Becky Sowers
Claude Moore Rec Center (location map)
Saturday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
04/27/19 - 06/08/19 (7 weeks)

Thinking about piano or dance lessons for your child? At 5–7 years old, they may not be ready to focus on learning one instrument or be in a formal lesson environment quite yet. At Big Kids, they can keep exploring how to use their body and voice in musical ways—after all, your body is your first instrument!

Music Together Big Kids® is a music and movement class especially developed for your five- to seven-year-old's abilities and needs. We understand that children at this age thrive in a structured environment but still like to get a little silly. In our Big Kids class, your child has the opportunity to learn and play with others, while building leadership and decision-making skills at the same time. Each semester's song collection is based on songs from the collection being used in our other family classes—yet Big Kids have their own recording, songbook, and other materials made especially for their new abilities and interests.