From Happy Mindful Music Families

Don’t take our word for it—hear what other happy Music Together® families have to say about Mindful Music music classes for kids!


"Music Together has provided my girls the best possible music exposure that I could have hoped for. The classes are fun with lots of opportunities to move, dance, explore instruments, and build the fundamental internal sense of rhythm which is critical for so many skills in life, including reading. The song selection is diverse and incorporates music from many cultures around the world. It goes way beyond a typical music class' selections of familiar songs, and introduces children to songs that teach both the elements of music as well as aspects of different cultures. Miss Kerry has been our music teacher for nearly 4 years now, and both of my girls absolutely adore her! She teaches with love, patience, and a true passion for music education. As both a musician and early childhood educator, it is so important to me that my children are exposed to the elements of music from as early an age as possible."

- Heather


"We’ve been enjoying Music Together classes for two years now! I love the selection/collection of music we have acquired. But most of all, it’s such a pleasure going to class! Miss Kerry has a way of making everyone feel comfortable. Specifically, she makes both my toddler and I, sometimes a little too painfully shy, feel comfortable and relaxed. My son is growing into a well mannered, music man! He breaks out into song spontaneously throughout the day.  It’s amazing how he has learned not only the lyrics, but also the rhythm and beat (me too!). I enjoy the positive reinforcement that Miss Kerry provides along with the quality music offered by Music Together. I can’t help but tell all of my friends AND acquaintances about her class!"

- Cate


"We use the Music Together songs every day in some way - we have a book of seasons and when it comes to Fall, E always wants to sing the "Leaves are Falling" song. Also, she is crazy over Don Alfredo Baila right now - she requests it multiple times per day.  She also requests handbells videos on YouTube often - I bought her a little handbell set of her own that she LOVES. Thank you for what you do, and for bringing music and joy into our lives!"

- Laurie


"Yesterday afternoon D and I were at a playground. I overheard him singing to himself "Don Alfredo Baila!" This class has been such an amazing experience for him over the past two years. I tell people all the time about how much he's gotten from Miss Kerry and the Music Together experience. I remember when we started he was a crawling baby that would stare and take everything in, and now he's reminding me of the words to songs, singing on his own days after our class! Just wanted to let you know that our family thinks you're awesome!"

- Jenny